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Breath of Salt Air “Can the Ocean Set You Free?” February 21, 2017

 Morning Wave Dune Beach by Casey Chalem Anderson

Morning Wave Dune Beach by Casey Chalem Anderson


What is it about getting down to the ocean that sets you free?

Is it the feel of the sand under foot?  The rhythmic pounding of the waves landing at the shore?  The salty clean air you can breathe in deeply?

Or is it all that space that allows you to release a bit of whatever you’ve been carrying around that you don’t need?


All the best,


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Breath of Salt Air “Craving Spring Green” December 20, 2016

"Green Window" by Casey Chalem Anderson  36" x 36" oil on canvas

                          “Green Window” by Casey Chalem Anderson 36″ x 36″ oil on canvas

Happy Holidays Everyone!

My mood and thoughts are still with late Summer and craving the bright green of new energy.  Just completed this painting and let out a sigh of relief and hope for the future.

Wishing you all an easy and relaxed holiday filled with a bit of magic!

Until next time,


Holiday Shows where I have artworks are at Romany Kramoris and Ille Arts run through the New Year.  Also, I’ll be here in my Sag Harbor studio, let me know if you would like to come by.


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Breath of Salt Air “Clouded” December 6, 2016

Casey Chalem Anderson "Graya" 24" x 24" oil on wood

                                                Clouded   24″ x 24″ oil on wood


No matter what drama is going on in your life, nature can help soothe. A painting can also serve that function, especially one that is abstract and has no specific reference to place or time.

As a viewer, you can step in with fresh eyes and experience how elegant layered color and fluid line can visually hold the space.  The influence is one of calm and ease.

Breathe it in and let go,


To see more abstracted paintings click here: http://caseyart.com/portfolio-gallery/abstract-paintings/

Holiday Shows where you can see my abstract and representational work:

171 Main Street
Amagansett, NY 11930

November 26 – January 2, 2017
Thursday through Monday 12-6pm

Romany Kramoris Gallery

41 Main Street   Sag Harbor, NY

November 25-January 15, 2017

Thursday- Monday 11-7pm



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Breath of Salt Air “Learning the Ocean” November 8, 2016

"Children by the Sea" by Casey Chalem Anderson 8 x 10 oil on wood

“Children by the Sea” by Casey Chalem Anderson 8″ x 10″ oil on wood

Looking out on the bustling ocean I wonder, how did man ever figure out that he could safely swim, surf or play in the waves? We must have learned by trial and error.

I love to watch children at the beach. We bring our babies to the shore, holding them tightly and dip a tiny foot into the froth. We let them get used to the sensation. When they can walk, we hold their hand and just stand there watching the waves roll in. When they can run, we graduate to playing tag with an incoming wave – trying not to get caught in the deep.

Most importantly, as kids we learn to judge the force of the wave. We listen for the crash and recognize the authority in the rhythm. We find out early that the ocean is to be respected.

It’s a kind of magic to see someone approach the waves and skillfully dive in. When done well, the body appears to be synchronized perfectly, there is no hesitation. When a swimmer internalizes a respectful awe of the ocean, they become one with the sea.

Until next time,


Click here to see Ocean Wave Paintings :       http://caseyart.com/portfolio-gallery/ocean-waves/

I’m in 2 Holiday Shows this month- Romany Kramoris, Sag Harbor and Ille Arts, Amagansett

Invitations coming

“Catching the Light” Sun Storm Gallery, Center Moriches continues through 11/22


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Breath of Salt Air “October Ocean, A Gift” October 25, 2016

October Sea 8" x 10" oil on wood

                                           October Ocean    8″ x 10″   oil on wood

Sitting on the sand and observing the traveling curve of the breaker, I see elegance and raw power.  The percussive sound, the scent of clean salt, and a soft breeze all impact my body and my psyche. I realize my breathing has synchronized with the crashing of the waves.
It is a perfect day to steal a few minutes and allow the mystery of the glorious sea to sink in.

On this special day, a friend who was stuck in the city instructed me to make getting to the ocean a priority. I literally had only 10 minutes of a busy day to spare,  but it was definitely an effort worth making.

Not only was it the high point of my week, but I thought about the experience and accessed the sensation many times over.

Wishing you this gift too,


To see more of my ocean paintings click here:







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Breath of Salt Air “Craving the Emerald Green of the Ocean” September 27, 2016


"Emerald Surge" 12 x 12 oil on wood

“Emerald Surge” 12 x 12 oil on wood

It takes at least 15 minutes to unwind once you get settled at the beach. Sometimes it takes even longer. You run through your mental lists of what you still have to do, groceries, calls/emails to make, people to touch base with, doctors appointments, on and on.

When you finally take a breath you realize it’s all noise. Now you can take in the sand, the sky and the sea lapping up to the shore. The air temperature, wind direction and humidity are all registered by your body-there is no thinking required.

How much time do you allow yourself to do what on the surface looks like nothing much?  It could be the most important time of your day.

To see more ocean waves click here: http://caseyart.com/portfolio-gallery/ocean-waves/



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Breath of Salt Air “Moon Glow in Gray” September 6, 2016

Moon Glow in Gray by Casey Chalem Anderson

Moon Glow in Gray by Casey Chalem Anderson

The combinations of gray that can be made with oil paints are infinite.  They are never just black mixed with white out of the tube. Some of the most intriguing color combinations are grays that are achieved by mixing complements like blue and orange, purple and yellow or green with red.  All the fun and confusion lies in which blue to choose, should I select one with violet tones or green tones.  Exactly which orange mixed into the blue will create a sensation of color that stimulates the eye in a pleasing way. Then I must add white.  Will it be a soft white, titanium white, or radiant white – all shimmering with a different quality?

In this painting I’m working with thin veils of transparent oil color reminiscent of humid air. Most of the time I can’t pre-think how the painting will change with each layer. Pre-planning doesn’t work.  I keep at it if it works or wipe it out and try again if it doesn’t. Through this process the painting gains a rich surface history, one that you can trace if you look closely.

Please stop by to say hello and check out my seascapes and soft geometric abstracts at my Sag Harbor studio during the FREE East Hampton Artist Alliance Studio Tour. Refreshments will be served

Saturday, September 17 and Sunday September 18

Hours 10 am -4pm

50 Cliff Drive   (Bay Point, across from Long Beach in Sag Harbor)


It will be great to see you, Casey


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Breath of Salt Air “Drawing is Thinking” July 23, 2016

Main Beach on a Napkin, East Hampton

Main Beach on a Napkin, East Hampton

I had a little unaccounted for time this morning and decided that what I should do is drive down to the beach and sketch. I had my favorite pen but my sketchbook wasn’t in the car. I reached into the glove compartment for any paper, receipt or back of an envelope. I found a napkin.

When I was younger I drew all the time. Even though I paint regularly, getting back into drawing can be intimidating. But putting a mark to a napkin? That takes all the pressure off.

What I realized this morning more than ever is that drawing is thinking. You analyze what you are looking at and create your own signature marks to represent the view. Personally, I must slow down as I’m so often racing. I must look, hold the thought and then get it down. It’s thrilling even when the result is not a masterpiece. The reward is really in the doing.

Next time, I’ll be sure to grab my sketchbook – although I do have a whole stack of napkins just in case.

Please mark your calendar and stop by my Sag Harbor studio on Saturday, September 17 and Sunday September 18 when I’ll be on the East Hampton Artist Alliance Tour.

It’s FREE and I would love to see you!

More info to come soon,


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Breath of Salt Air “How I Make An Abstract Painting” July 9, 2016

Small Compass 8" x 10" oil on wood

Small Compass 8″ x 10″ oil on wood by Casey Chalem Anderson

As you can see, colors in my abstract works are closely aligned with my representational paintings. But there is an important distinction. In the abstractions, I don’t envision how the finished painting will look. It’s all about trial and error.

Here, the proportions are in a consistent state of re-evaluation as layer over pigmented layer is scumbled on to the surface. Lines of graphite are drawn and then painted over. I obscure with paint; rubbing, removing and adding texture which ultimately leaves a trail of how the work is created.

I stop when I feel tension held in suspension and chunks of colored space breathe fluently.

Here is a link to some more of my abstract paintings:




Three of my new ocean wave paintings will be on auction this weekend.

The Bridgehampton Museum

Silent Art Auction and Cocktail Party

Saturday, August 13- 6:00-8:00pm

call 631-537-1088 for tickets

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Breath of Salt Air “Pool Side” July 26, 2016

"Pool" by Casey Chalem Anderson 24 x24 oil/wood

“Pool” by Casey Chalem Anderson 24 x 24 oil/graphite on wood

There is an engaging emotional lift on viewing a turquoise swimming pool. It’s the color of amusement. It makes us happy to just look at!

Dive in and we immediately feel younger, almost weightless. Buoyed by water all our senses come alive. Our skin registers the temperature and the pleasant pressure against our body. Unlike life on dry land, we can explore the world in multiple directions. In water we can move up and down and sideways in any direction.

It is difficult to fully see on a screen but the painting above portrays that kind of space. Within what is literally a flat surface, you can imagine moving in multiple dimensions.

You can get an up close view of the actual painting “Pool” at the Invitational. I hope to see you all at the reception.

All the best, Casey

49th Annual Invitational Exhibit At Ashawagh Hall

August 5-21

Reception: Friday, August 5 5-8pm

525 Springs Fireplace Road

East Hampton, NY


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