Casey Chalem Anderson "Crashing Wave"  Cigar Box for Hospice Art Auction

Casey Chalem Anderson “Crashing Wave” Cigar Box for Hospice Art Auction

Listening to the Water

Is the reverberating crash and boom of an ocean wave soothing to you? Some people would love to live by the ocean.  One friend remarked that she had “the best night’s sleep ever” by the sea. To some, that incessant thud is just annoying. Some people prefer tranquil waters like an inlet or bay where the gentle muffled lapping you hear can sound soft and comforting.

Personally, I love both! For me arrival at the water’s edge is a complete sensory experience and sound is a huge part of it.  Next time you are at the water, listen. At the ocean that first smash can be thunderous with a long finish. The roar continues after the initial slam, forcing you to synchronize your breathing with the rhythm. A calm day on the bayside usually means the soothing sounds of peaceful water.  Those whooshing, ebbing and splashing sounds get you to take it easy.

Whether you are at a serene bay or rolling ocean, the squawking of a bird is often overlaying the percussive water beat. When you are alert to the richness of sound by the water’s edge, it’s easier to unwind and connect to the natural world.

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The East End Hospice Box Art Auction will be held September 7


This month I will donate 10% of my sales of paintings or prints to East End Hospice.  They are an exceptional organization of caring and skilled people that support so many of us when a loved one is very sick and near death. You can learn about their services here:

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