"Calm Tumble" 24 x 24 oil/wood

“Calm Tumble” 24″ x 24″ oil/wood

There is something hauntingly calm about this pinkish flat ocean. Then, you feel the pent up energy of the wave coming toward us full and strong.

I love how the foam of a crashing wave can be both translucent and almost solidly opaque. It explodes out of the transparency of the smooth sea.  Oil paint is perfectly suited to express this. Transparent color is brushed on thinly so you can see through to the surface underneath. Next you can load up the brush with thick pigment and drag the white foam downward. Both aspects of water conjured up by the nature of oil paint.

You can have an up close real-life look at this painting at:

Ille Arts 171 Main Street in Amagansett.  Be sure to check out my pen and ink drawings too.


Show is up through July 13 with renowned artists Fairfield Porter and Neil Welliver

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