"Emerald Surge" 12 x 12 oil on wood

“Emerald Surge” 12 x 12 oil on wood

It takes at least 15 minutes to unwind once you get settled at the beach. Sometimes it takes even longer. You run through your mental lists of what you still have to do, groceries, calls/emails to make, people to touch base with, doctors appointments, on and on.

When you finally take a breath you realize it’s all noise. Now you can take in the sand, the sky and the sea lapping up to the shore. The air temperature, wind direction and humidity are all registered by your body-there is no thinking required.

How much time do you allow yourself to do what on the surface looks like nothing much?  It could be the most important time of your day.

To see more ocean waves click here: http://casey.57interest.com/portfolio-gallery/ocean-waves/



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