Casey Chalem Anderson

Casey Chalem Anderson

I paint the coastal setting of the Hamptons where the land intersects with an expanse of water. Nature’s changing colors ignite my senses. With my brush, I use shapes to mark and divide the composition’s surface. With the major surface areas established, I am free to experiment. My spare, clean style exudes spaciousness, giving viewers air to breathe. I use drawings and photographs to remind me of key proportions, but in the studio the possibilities of the paint fascinate me. The sapphire, teal, and cerulean of my palette creates a positive emotional charge, in the curve of a wave and in the arc of a round form.

New works steer away from literal realism, settling on geometric and minimal forms. My abstract pieces cull from my many years as a landscape painter and rely on my memory of the seaside. Currently, I split my time between natural and urban space. For me, abstract paintings denote innovation, where painting is distilled to the basic elements: shape, color, form, and texture. The tricks of illusionism are removed and the viewer can move into an ethereal space where forms are not necessarily recognizable.

In all of my works, realist and abstract, I strive to instill a peaceful and expansive sensation. In the city, I am informed by the stark contrast of life lived on concrete, just as I am informed by the natural forms of moving water in the Hamptons.

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