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From time to time people ask me if I would create a landscape/seascape oil painting just for them. I recently completed one where the entire process went smoothly and was so pleasing.

The clients fell in love with a painting that was already sold. Plus, they needed a painting of a specific size and proportion to fit precisely over their dining room side table.

Once I knew the exact canvas size that was needed, I returned to the magnificent location to soak in the beauty. I took a series of photos and made some sketches at the site. Using the sold painting as a guide and my new reference materials I constructed a large painting in my studio.

I’m happy to report that they are delighted and that this painting gives the entire room an uplifting reminder of nature at its best.

Here are the easy steps if you are interested in commissioning your own painting:

1. We talk to determine exactly what you would like created.
2. A deposit of ½ of the total price to get started and the balance when
3. I can send you progress photos if you like.
4. Usually 4-6 wks to complete.