Blue Humidity by Casey Chalem Anderson 30 x 40 oil/canvas

Blue Humidity by Casey Chalem Anderson 30 x 40 oil/canvas

Some mornings by the water are undeniably blue. There are times when I cannot believe what my eyes see, can the blueness be real?

Without exaggeration, it looks heavenly. The water has soft formless edges that flow into each other. The sky is a mist of saturated cobalt diffused by the balmy air.

I can hardly tell where the sea ends and the sky begins and I don’t want to know. Only a vulnerable strip of land anchors my position as I look out but that’s enough.

This painting has many layers of thin color built up on a fairly large canvas. When you are close to the painting your peripheral vision is completely engulfed. It’s my way to capture a parallel sensation to what I’ve observed here by the water. I’m re-creating parcels of pure color suspended in space.

Hope to see you all soon,


Next show: I’ll be showing 3 matted framed pen and ink drawings at Ille Arts Holiday Show, 171 Main Street Amagansett, NY  December 2nd – January 15th, 2018,



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