Blue Vapor oil sketch on paper 11 x 14

Blue Vapor oil sketch on paper 11 x 14

Sometimes there is a haze of blue humidity hanging over the bay.  It’s a soft light but also persistently bright all in the same instant.  Take a moment to watch it and it appears to shift right before your eyes.

This morning there was a veil of cerulean haze obscuring the horizon.  You couldn’t exactly read where the line of the sea ended and the sky began.  Blue vapor just hovered over the glassy water inviting me, then coercing me to be still and take it in.

The sea seems to be saying, “nothing is more important than this very moment ”.

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Special Art Offer: This year I decided that each month I would take 10% of my art sales and donate it to a different charity that I know.  This month that charity is “Have A Heart Community Trust” in Southampton, N.Y.

They give direct emergency relief to residents of the East End of Long Island in times of crisis.


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