Casey Chalem Anderson "Edge of Twilight" oil on canvas

Casey Chalem Anderson “Edge of Twilight” oil on canvas

I love twilight! It sparkles, it’s brilliant, and it displays an exquisite range of  blue. I always thought of twilight as an evening event but it actually occurs twice in a day.

In evening twilight comes after sunset. It begins at the point at which the earth has rotated just enough so that the sun is no longer visible on the horizon. As the Sun slips further below the horizon the brightness gets dimmer until the sky fades to night.

The morning twilight is the time of illumination, a little before the leading edge of the Sun appears above the horizon. It is a reverse of what happens in the evening. As the Sun rises the sky fills with light and the deep ultramarine blues shift to lightness.

Each day we have the good fortune of two chances to take notice of these spectacular blue moments.

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