Casey Chalem Anderson  "Reel Point" 24 x 24 oil on panel

Casey Chalem Anderson “Reel Point” 24 x 24 oil on panel

The Familiar Sea

Land shapes jutting out into the sea can look so similar sometimes you can’t quite be sure of where you are. The Hamptons, Nantucket, Cape Cod, Chesapeake Bay can all feel so similar. Maybe you have been here before, or maybe it just reminds you of another place. The curve of the shoreline can look so familiar dream like memories drift in.

I feel that sensation most strongly on days that are overcast at the beach. The mist brings on a mood that throws me back into the past.  I get those very same sensations of peace and timelessness I felt as a child walking the shoreline in shorts and a sweater. There are times I even feel like I could be back 100 years and it would all look the same.

My senses ignite with the feel of humidity on my skin. I can almost taste the salty air and feel comforted by the rhythmic pounding of the waves. A memory of the past floods in brought on by some sand, marshland grass, pebbles and salt water .

So much goes into how we connect to a place and how much we feel that we are exactly where we are supposed to be.  What makes you love the seashore and feel at home there, versus hiking to the top of a mountain, or exploring the desert floor?  Let me know what makes you want to be in a particular place.

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This month I’m donating 10% of sales of my sea prints or paintings to Paddlers for Humanity (  My friend Sinead Fitzgibbon, you may know her from her Physical Therapy shop in Sag Harbor, has been involved with this excellent charity helping to raise funds for worthy nonprofit organizations that focus on East End youth.

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