Casey Chalem Anderson "Sara's Garden" 30" x 60" oil on canvas

Casey Chalem Anderson “Sara’s Garden” 30″ x 60″ oil on canvas

Flowers by the Sea

One of the ultimate luxuries is to have a flower garden by the sea.  My friend Sara has a dazzling example. When I first saw the colorful profusion of blooms set against tranquil blue water under an open sky I was astounded.  I knew I had to paint it!

When you are viewing the actual garden, your peripheral vision is completely filled with color and water. You are in the scene. That sensation is paralleled by viewing this painting since it is fairly large and wide. As the viewer you are encompassed by the scene and the qualities of the paint itself. You may not have your own garden by the sea, but you can have a painting or print to provide you with your own water view.

I will be showing this oil painting July 19-21 at Ashawagh Hall, in Springs –East Hampton at “Art in the Open”.  I hope you will be able to stop by to see it.

To see another beautiful example of flowers silhouetted against the water please click here :

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This month I will donate 10% of my sales to the Peconic Land Trust. I am a founding member of Plein Air Peconic, the artist group dedicated to helping the Peconic Land Trust conserve the natural beauty of the East End of Long Island.


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