Light Flash on Dark Sea

Light Flash on Dark Sea

Light Flash on Dark Sea

When the sun sets and the light fades away darkness builds. It doesn’t happen instantly but advances deliberately toward black. But is it really black?

As an artist, I try to read/see the color wherever I can. What color is the sea if you can hardly make it out? There is a delicate stage right before colorlessness that the sea can be wine, navy, or chocolate.  Sometimes it’s a combination of all three.

The streak of light above emphasizes all the colors and dramatizes the mystery through contrast. How can the sky hold such an extremely light slash when the rest of the sky and the deep water are heading toward ink?

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This month I will donate 10% of my sales to the Peconic Land Trust. I am a founding member of Plein Air Peconic, the artist group dedicated to helping the Peconic Land Trust conserve the natural beauty of the East End of  Long Island.

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