Daylight Moon at the Point 30 x 48 oil on canvas

Daylight Moon at the Point 30 x 48 oil on canvas

Have you ever noticed the Moon out in the daytime? I always marveled at this since as a child I was under the impression that the moon comes out at night. Not entirely true.

When you look at the Moon you are seeing the bright light of the Sun reflecting off it. Two conditions must be present to see the Moon during the day. First the Moon, the Earth and the Sun must be positioned in such a way that the brightness of the Moon can penetrate the scattered blue light of the daytime sky. And second, the Moon must be high enough in the sky to see it.

Have a look in the upper left hand region of the painting, there is a mysterious not quite full Moon in the clouds. I have another painting with a crescent moon over an ocean wave here:

One of the wonderful things about being by the open beach is that you begin to take notice of the everyday miracles in nature. There is a sense of wonder that grows when you begin to tune in. See if you notice the Moon out when you least expect it and let me know what that was like.

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This month I will donate 10% of my sales of paintings or prints to East End Hospice.  They are an exceptional organization of caring and skilled people that support so many of us when a loved one is very sick and near death. You can learn about their services here:


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