The Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, California

The Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, California



The Golden Gate

From very high up on the Marin Headlands looking through the triangular top of the Golden Gate Bridge everything is dwarfed. The city buildings are tiny white and gray blocks, sailboats bob like microscopic toys and miniature cars on the bridge dart across with manic energy. The red bridge links the city of San Francisco to the rest of Northern California. Here is also the waterway entrance to the Pacific Ocean.

How is it possible that mere mortals built this bridge? It is a testimony to the brilliance, perseverance and creativity of mankind living in harmony with Nature. There is something incredibly extraordinary about this terrain and the energy it took to shape it for man’s benefit. Comprehension is beyond my grasp, I am blown-away. This dazzling bridge is one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World.

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