Casey Chalem Anderson "Lupine Field"  Peconic Land Trust Conserved Property 30 x 60 oil on canvas

Casey Chalem Anderson “Lupine Field” Peconic Land Trust Conserved Property 30 x 60 oil on canvas

I use a lot of lavender paint, a pale tint of violet that can slant toward blue.  The color is sometimes a light pinkish violet and can include a vast range of vibrant purples to blue tinged muted grays.

I adore all the many flowers that come in shades of lavender. There are wisteria, lilacs, lobelia, irises, lupines and of course lavender itself. We have examples of all those here in the Hamptons and it always thrills me to see them in masses.

But I see lavender everywhere and use it in almost every painting. For me a stroke of lavender paint creates the sensation of space. Depending on the mixture, violet has the optical effect of intensifying or subduing the other colors. Lavender/violet paint stimulates the eyes sensitivity to brightness and makes the humid lemon light out by the sea vibrate.  That creates atmosphere. My paint box is loaded with precious tubes of violet waiting to be mixed to the correct shade and vibrancy to create the sensation of breathable air right into the painting.

See if you notice a flash of lavender/violet in the landscape as you cruise through your day.

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Click here to find some violet in the water :

This month I will donate 10% of my sales of prints and paintings to the Peconic Bay Keeper. They do crucial work to protect and restore Long Island’s drinkable, swimmable, and fishable waters.  Please go to to find out how you can help. It’s all about clean water!


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