"Sea Thunder" Fine Art Print

“Sea Thunder” Fine Art Print

Each visitor arriving at the beach does the exact same thing. Stepping over the sand to view the wide expanse of water, they breathe in and then let out a small sigh.

There it is! Undeniably magnificent, the ocean completely arrests our senses. Always slightly different from the last time we visited, it takes a few minutes to adjust to the blinding beauty. Then a familiar sensation sets in.  It could be that you are finally letting go and enjoying a moment away from the routine stresses. It could be the rhythmic pounding like a heartbeat.  It could be something in the air.

That constant crashing of waves at the shore produces high levels of negative ions. Any place by the sea will have an abundance of them. Large scale clinical studies haven’t proved it yet, but there is evidence that negative ions help increase the levels of serotonin, boosting our mood and making us feel at ease.

In our world of electronics and computers, driving on highways and exposure to all kinds of synthetic products, some of us just crave water as an antidote. We want to look at it, smell it, and hear it. We know instinctively that water just makes us feel better.  That’s a very good reason to get down to the sea.

Here’s a link to my fine art prints of tranquil water and dynamic waves so wherever you are you have a view to the sea.


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This month I will donate 10% of my sales of paintings or prints to East End Hospice.  They are an exceptional organization of caring and skilled people that support so many of us when a loved one is very sick and near death. You can learn about their services here: www.eeh.org

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