"Accabonac Harbor" by Casey Chalem Anderson  oil on linen 24 x 36

“Accabonac Harbor” by Casey Chalem Anderson oil on linen 24 x 36

The day I was out painting at Accabonac Harbor was dreamlike. Out in the distance sitting on the green marsh grass was what I thought was a large piece of gray driftwood.  My eyes went on to scan the panorama, searching for the composition that I would describe on my blank canvas.

Something rustled and all of a sudden, what I thought was a log of wood transformed into a soaring great blue heron with a wing span of at least 4 feet.  He flew across almost overhead of where I stood by my easel and landed on the other side of the creek.

Experiences like that are truly awesome and make me feel a part of the wonder of nature.

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