"Children by the Sea" by Casey Chalem Anderson 8 x 10 oil on wood

“Children by the Sea” by Casey Chalem Anderson 8″ x 10″ oil on wood

Looking out on the bustling ocean I wonder, how did man ever figure out that he could safely swim, surf or play in the waves? We must have learned by trial and error.

I love to watch children at the beach. We bring our babies to the shore, holding them tightly and dip a tiny foot into the froth. We let them get used to the sensation. When they can walk, we hold their hand and just stand there watching the waves roll in. When they can run, we graduate to playing tag with an incoming wave – trying not to get caught in the deep.

Most importantly, as kids we learn to judge the force of the wave. We listen for the crash and recognize the authority in the rhythm. We find out early that the ocean is to be respected.

It’s a kind of magic to see someone approach the waves and skillfully dive in. When done well, the body appears to be synchronized perfectly, there is no hesitation. When a swimmer internalizes a respectful awe of the ocean, they become one with the sea.

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