Moon Glow in Gray by Casey Chalem Anderson

Moon Glow in Gray by Casey Chalem Anderson

The combinations of gray that can be made with oil paints are infinite.  They are never just black mixed with white out of the tube. Some of the most intriguing color combinations are grays that are achieved by mixing complements like blue and orange, purple and yellow or green with red.  All the fun and confusion lies in which blue to choose, should I select one with violet tones or green tones.  Exactly which orange mixed into the blue will create a sensation of color that stimulates the eye in a pleasing way. Then I must add white.  Will it be a soft white, titanium white, or radiant white – all shimmering with a different quality?

In this painting I’m working with thin veils of transparent oil color reminiscent of humid air. Most of the time I can’t pre-think how the painting will change with each layer. Pre-planning doesn’t work.  I keep at it if it works or wipe it out and try again if it doesn’t. Through this process the painting gains a rich surface history, one that you can trace if you look closely.

Please stop by to say hello and check out my seascapes and soft geometric abstracts at my Sag Harbor studio during the FREE East Hampton Artist Alliance Studio Tour. Refreshments will be served

Saturday, September 17 and Sunday September 18

Hours 10 am -4pm

50 Cliff Drive   (Bay Point, across from Long Beach in Sag Harbor)


It will be great to see you, Casey


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