October Sea 8" x 10" oil on wood

                                           October Ocean    8″ x 10″   oil on wood

Sitting on the sand and observing the traveling curve of the breaker, I see elegance and raw power.  The percussive sound, the scent of clean salt, and a soft breeze all impact my body and my psyche. I realize my breathing has synchronized with the crashing of the waves.
It is a perfect day to steal a few minutes and allow the mystery of the glorious sea to sink in.

On this special day, a friend who was stuck in the city instructed me to make getting to the ocean a priority. I literally had only 10 minutes of a busy day to spare,  but it was definitely an effort worth making.

Not only was it the high point of my week, but I thought about the experience and accessed the sensation many times over.

Wishing you this gift too,


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