Casey in the Sag Pond Dunes

Casey in the Sag Pond Dunes

Painting outdoors is tough.  First you must lug the equipment over sand and then secure the easel and your hat in the changing wind, all while ignoring insects and remembering to apply sunscreen.  The list seems endless.  You need stamina, but there is nothing like it!

When I am on location by the ocean, I drink in the entire experience and start in on the canvas. My genuine exuberance in being there is translated through the brush right on to the canvas.  All the vitality of my response to the place goes into the paint. I like to share that with people who love the sea and want a connection to it wherever they are.

Here is an article about how I help the effort of land conservation in the Hamptons through my paintings and my work with the Peconic Land Trust

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