"Tidal Pool, North Haven" oil on canvas 48" x 48""Tidal Pool, North Haven" oil on canvas 48" x 48"

“Tidal Pool, North Haven” oil on canvas 48″ x 48″

When you are outdoors and experiencing the landscape, all your senses are involved. At the sea it is the colors you see, the salty smell, the feel of humidity on your skin and the sounds of water that come to your awareness.

Looking at a two dimensional painting you have only your visual sense to rely on.  When the painting is large and you stand close, your peripheral vision is encompassed. You are in the painting space entirely, experiencing colors and shapes most emphatically.

I love to paint on a big canvas where my entire body has to get involved.  When movements I make with the brush are as large as I am, painting becomes a version of dance. When creating a seascape I am completely immersed in a feeling parallel to being outdoors.

The paintings are a reminder to stay connected to the sea where so many of us go to rejuvenate.  At the water we bounce back, perk up and feel like ourselves again.

Please join us for the opening reception of my show: Saturday: JUNE 24  5:00pm-8:00pm


June 24-July14

ILLE ARTS   171 Main Street (middle of town), Amagansett, NY  631- 905- 9894




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