"Pool" by Casey Chalem Anderson 24 x24 oil/wood

“Pool” by Casey Chalem Anderson 24 x 24 oil/graphite on wood

There is an engaging emotional lift on viewing a turquoise swimming pool. It’s the color of amusement. It makes us happy to just look at!

Dive in and we immediately feel younger, almost weightless. Buoyed by water all our senses come alive. Our skin registers the temperature and the pleasant pressure against our body. Unlike life on dry land, we can explore the world in multiple directions. In water we can move up and down and sideways in any direction.

It is difficult to fully see on a screen but the painting above portrays that kind of space. Within what is literally a flat surface, you can imagine moving in multiple dimensions.

You can get an up close view of the actual painting “Pool” at the Invitational. I hope to see you all at the reception.

All the best, Casey

49th Annual Invitational Exhibit At Ashawagh Hall

August 5-21

Reception: Friday, August 5 5-8pm

525 Springs Fireplace Road

East Hampton, NY


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