"Icy Lime Wave" oil/wood 24 x 24 by Casey Chalem Anderson

“Icy Lime Wave” oil/wood 24 x 24 by Casey Chalem Anderson

When you were a child and arrived at the beach, did you jump right in?

I wouldn’t think of going to the beach and not getting wet. If my bathing suit was on, no gray sky, seaweed thick water or cool air could stop me from taking the plunge.

I can’t believe that I haven’t been in yet this summer. But it’s true!

I’ll go in any minute now because there is absolutely nothing that makes you feel so much like a kid as diving right into a wave. Except maybe eating an ice cream cone!

How about you?

Write me and let me know,



*This is a brand new wave oil painting, still in the studio. I have others at Romany Kramoris Gallery 41 Main Street in Sag Harbor. Stop by, they are usually open late now that the summer is really here.


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