Ocean Wave 2 minute Sketches 5.5″ x 8.5″  ink/paper

You might think that by now I would be looking out on the ocean and be almost bored by what I see.  But the sensation is just the opposite. I fall in love again and again.

The ocean is always different and particular. The tumbling waves reflect myself self back to me. In her many moods the ocean is a metaphor our internal life, crystallizing our most private thoughts. We are all ever-changing, slightly different versions of ourselves on any given day with unlimited potential for change.

It isn’t easy to draw something that is moving but it’s fun. You must concentrate on the big movements without being too fussy. I’m happy to share with you.

All the best,


August 26: 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm

East End Hospice Cigar Box Event
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

18 James Lane
East Hampton, NY
Prominent artists from our community use a cigar box to create unique, collectible works of art which will be included in either the silent or the live auction. Please come to this lively casual event.

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