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Breath of Salt Air “What Draws Us to the Ocean?” May 23, 2016


"Aquamarine Curl" 3 PANELS oil/wood 24 x 36 by Casey Chalem Anderson

“Aquamarine Curl” 3 PANELS oil/wood 24 x 36 by Casey Chalem Anderson

The ocean is forever mysterious.  Our peripheral vision can sense the size but cannot grasp the whole.  You can stretch your eyes out to the horizon and imagine what is under it but never know. The ocean baffles as it entices us.

And yet the ocean sound is predictable.  Regular intervals of waves synchronize with our breath and our heartbeat.  We calm down.

I love to paint the ocean waves knowing that each wave is always slightly different than the next.

Enjoy the painting and let yourself imagine until you can get to the beach!


You are invited to see “Ocean and Flower Field Paintings” in East Hampton!

Fashion and Art to Benefit Peconic Land Trust

Sunday, May 22- Saturday, May 28      (stop in anytime)

Reception with the Artist:

Saturday, May 28  4-7 pm

Shop on May 28 and EILEEN FISHER will donate 10% of the day’s proceeds to the Peconic Land Trust.

(10% of all art sales donated to Peconic Land Trust)

26 Newtown Lane, East Hampton
Store Hours: 10:00 am-5:00pm

Read outstanding article about show here:






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Breath of Salt Air “Studio by the Sea” May 9, 2016

Working in Bay Point Studio

Working in Bay Point Studio                                                                                        photo credit Gary J. Mamay

Most of you who know me know I love to paint outdoors but of course that isn’t always practical.  I’m so lucky to have my studio by the sea.  I can actually see a postage stamp view of the water through the glass doors.  That’s really important to me, as I can gauge the mood of the sea with just a glance.

Even when I’m working on a painting that isn’t water, I have a very strong sense of where I am in the world.  It all goes into the mysterious mix in ways that can’t be analyzed with any certainty.  I’m quite sure that if I lived in the middle of the country, or even on the West Coast,  I would not be creating the images I make here.  Where an artist lives and works is an essential part of the what makes their art unique.

Living at the beach makes me happy and that goes into the paintings!

Until next time,


Upcoming Show:

Art & Fashion Benefit for Peconic Land Trust
“Ocean and Flower Field Paintings”
by Casey Chalem Anderson
Tuesday May 24-Monday May 30
Reception:Saturday, May 28, 4-7 pm
(10% of sales Clothing and Art donated to the Peconic Land Trust)
Eileen Fisher
26 Newtown Lane, East Hampton

Store Hours: 10 am-6pm


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Breath of Salt Air “Sketching at the Beach” April 26, 2016

Sketch Long Beach by Casey Chalem Anderson

Sketch Long Beach by Casey Chalem Anderson

Seeing the bay in various shades of teal sparkling in the sunshine made me appreciate the sea all over again. I didn’t realize just how much I missed it when I spent last Spring in the city.

As I move the pen across the paper I attempt to capture the thrill of being there.  I felt those tenderly overlapping squiggles depicting the movement of the water gently reach back into space. I didn’t think about it, I just went there.

Not every sketch works. It is so easy to overdo with details and take the life out of it. But when it works, I fall in love with the language of line . In the span of 5 minutes, a sketch can express energy and calm simultaneously.

All the best,


P.S. Don’t forget to check out my original oil paintings at Romany Kramoris Gallery on Main Street in Sag Harbor while the show is up through May 5.

There are ocean waves and lush flower fields of the East End.

Romany Kramoris Gallery

41 Main Street (near Sen and American Hotel)

Hours Open 11-7pm and sometimes later     631-725-2499





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Breath of Salt Air “Spring Spray at the Ocean” March 28, 2016

"Spring Spray" oil on birchwood 24 x 24 by Casey Chalem Anderson

“Spring Spray” oil on birchwood 24 x 24 by Casey Chalem Anderson

Here’s my most recent ocean painting revealing the power of an off shore breeze against the dynamic force of the incoming wave. I love how the oil paint itself describes the fury of the sea. The extraordinary colors are taken from life but pushed a bit to express my feeling about this very moment.

Until next time,



To see more ocean paintings click here:

Or to see fine art prints of the ocean click here:


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Breath of Salt Air “Hamptons Winter Ocean” March 14, 2016

"Winter Wave Slice " 12 x 12 oil by Casey Chalem Anderson

“Winter Wave Slice ” 12 x 12 oil by Casey Chalem Anderson

One of the great things about Winter in the Hamptons is that there are so many beaches where you can drive right up and see the ocean right from your car. Even if it’s freezing outside you can have a look, see what the ocean is doing and immediately breathe in a sense of peace and calm.

Take time to enjoy the view….


To see more ocean oil paintings in other sizes click here:


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Breath of Salt Air “Sag Harbor Twilight” August 31, 2015

"Floating World" by Casey Chalem Anderson 24 x 24 oil on wood

“Floating World” by Casey Chalem Anderson 24 x 24 oil on wood

There is no doubt that living in NYC left me thinking about what I should be painting. Surrounded by concrete buildings and looking out on the even array of windows had an impact. At the same time, I was still dreaming about the Hamptons and everything that I love about the beach. I missed the fields, the water, the sky, and the dunes.

I started working on paintings that incorporate both worlds. Using veils of atmospheric color enclosed in geometric shapes I sought to translate in paint a parallel expression of being in nature.

I’ll be exhibiting these large canvases (4ft x 4ft) in “Mostly Abstract” September 26th and 27th at Ashawagh Hall in Springs, East Hampton. Please save the date on your calendar, an evite will come soon.

Hope to see you there,


  • “Mostly Abstract”
  • September 26th and September 27th
  • Ashawagh Hall   780 Springs Fireplace Road   East Hampton (Springs)
  • Reception: Saturday September 26, 5 to 7 pm
  • Open: Saturday , September 26 11am – 7pm, Sunday, 11am – 4pm



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Breath of Salt Air “Exhilarating Ocean Wave” August 17, 2015

Dune Beach Wave by Casey Chalem Anderson 12 x 12 oil/panel

Dune Beach Wave by Casey Chalem Anderson 12 x 12 oil/panel

Getting in the water is intensely frigid at first. You have to plow past the jade colored wave breaks and before you know it, you are completely wet. Duck under the wave, get your entire head wet and you feel at least five years younger. It’s invigorating and revitalizing!

I feel like a kid and can’t help but smile.  Nothing compares to the ocean!

Hope you have a chance to try this,


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Breath of Salt Air “Wave Crashers” August 4, 2015

"Three Panel Wave" by Casey Chalem Anderson oil on wood 12 x 36

“Three Panel Wave” by Casey Chalem Anderson oil on wood 12 x 36

Have you ever really watched the waves? Crush, boom, spray- all percussion and so powerful. It is amazing to me that the wave never quite exactly repeats itself.  Some appear similar to the previous ones, then all of a sudden electric all mighty crash occurs and wakes up every cell in your body.

Try to get to the water’s edge and take a deep breath. You will be rewarded for the effort it takes to get there.

All the best,


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Breath of Salt Air “Flower Field, Southampton” July 21, 2015


Flower Field Southampton

Flower Field Southampton

Flower Field Drawing by Casey Chalem Anderson

Flower Field Drawing by Casey Chalem Anderson


Click here for 1 minute video:   Flower Field Southampton

Finding this field filled to the brim with masses of flowers was so exciting. I had to photograph, then shot the quick video-trying to take it all in. The sounds help take you there so please have a quick look.

But it was when I took a pencil to paper that I started to understand the patterns and rhythm of the field, the feel of the specific place. I wanted to quickly sketch it without getting too bogged down in the details so I could retain the immediate sensation. My attempt to convey the essence of the place, including the breeze blowing through from the ocean close by, needed a light touch.

All the very best,


Here are some paintings of other flower fields to enjoy:


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Breath of Salt Air “What is the Scent of Salt Air?” July 7, 2015

Casey Chalem Anderson "Thunderous Sea" 24 x 24 oil on wood

Casey Chalem Anderson
“Thunderous Sea” 24 x 24 oil on wood

What is the scent of salt air?

You arrive at the ocean and breathe in that briny, bracing, clean smell. It cues the brain that you are in a special environment. Perhaps it sends you back in time, reminding you of other times at the shore.

For me, I’m instantly transported back to being a kid and finally getting to the beach and freedom!

Researchers have been puzzled until recently about what creates that smell. They know now that a gas produced by genes in ocean dwelling bacteria (dimethyl sulfide/DMS) is a huge component.

What ever it is, that scent makes me feel at ease and relaxed. What about you?

Warmly regards,



I’m participating in a panel discussion July 11 on Plein Air Painting and Land Conservation, please come.


Saturday, July 11, 3:00 pm-5:00

Market Art and Design Fair at Fairview Farm, 19 Horsemill Lane, Bridgehampton (by the Ocean)

Connecting Art and Land Conservation

Peconic Land Trust, in partnership with Market Art + Design, is hosting an afternoon conversation on the “en plein air” style of art, made famous beginning with the Shinnecock Hills Summer School of Art in 1891 by artist William Merritt Chase.

Capturing the landscapes that have been both protected and those that are no longer here but live on through their works, the artists of Plein Air Peconic continue a longstanding tradition that was born on the East End.

The panel-style discussion will focus on the artists’ inspiration, the role land conservation has played in protecting the heritage landscapes, and the work of the Trust to save views that we all know and love.

Moderated by Hamptons Art Hub Publisher & Executive Editor Pat Rogers, the panel will include John v.H. Halsey, President of the Trust, Vice President Rebecca Chapman, founding Plein Air Peconic members Gordon Matheson, Casey Chalem Anderson, Kathryn Szoka, and special guests, Laura Grenning of Grenning Gallery, and artist Marc Dalessio.


Call the Trust ( 631-283-3195) to RSVP and for a FREE pass to Market Art + Design for Saturday, July 11 – including access to the panel presentation!


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