Ripples Left to Right at North West Harbor, Easthampton ,NY

Ripples Left to Right at North West Harbor, Easthampton ,NY

Your Mood and the Water

I like to go down to the water, any water, when I’m feeling stressed.  So many of us do and it always seems to help. I’m so curious about why that should be. Can those drifting tides and ripples moving speedily along the water wash your cares away?

Today at the bay it is relatively flat but there is a lot of left to right movement. Here is flow illustrated. Nothing stays the same. The universal energy the Chinese call “chi” is moving, reminding me that I can let go of my worries at least for the moment.   Let them be free to bounce along the tide and be carried to a new place. It works every time!

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The East End Hospice Box Art Auction will be held September 7

This month I will continue to donate 10% of my sales of paintings or prints to East End Hospice.  They are an exceptional organization of caring and skilled people that support so many of us when a loved one is very sick and near death. You can learn about their services here:


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