“Questioning the Sky” 24 x 36 inches oil/canvas

I was losing energy toward the end of the day. A long one that dragged on. The entire day was drab. All along the road, the tree branches were a colorless taupe. The grass was squeezed out of any possibility of green; it looked like straw. The sky remained solid gray and icy. As I drove, I thought about how desperately I needed a cup of coffee.

And then a flash of light lit up in my rearview mirror. Ahead of me, the sky was a darker blue and oddly foreboding. I knew what was happening. The sun had just dipped below the cloud cover, and the colors were dancing. I made a complete 180 and headed toward the water to catch the show. The golds, peaches, pinks, and intense blues pulsated in the sky and the water. I was so thrilled I completely forgot I wanted coffee.

Warmly, Casey

(This painting is part of my ongoing series, “36 Views of Towd Point”)

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