2nd Storm at Napeaque 24 x 36 oil/canvas 2021 by Casey Chalem Anderson

There is so much joy in living with a painting that you love, one that gives you energy or a piece that calms you down. When I view a wide expanse of open water, I can feel both sensations simultaneously.

At Napeague Harbor you can see a storm brewing from a good 30 blocks away. (The native New Yorker in me still measures in city blocks). I’m standing in bright sunlight, sweating and sunburnt while furiously racing to poke and swirl paint into shapes before the rain comes down on me. It’s going to happen, a blue gray rainstorm is heading my way.

The end result is proof of the time that existed.This painting is concrete evidence of all those hours of translating what moves me into paint. Embodied in the painting is time rescued and that touches something real in parts of us that are beyond words.

Here’s what’s happening next…………….The 20th Annual Cigar Box Auction for East End Hospice 

Ocean Surge Cigar Box to Benefit East End Hospice

Curious? Here’s the preview link of Cigar Boxes from all the artists: https://www.eeh.org/blog/2021/05/26/box-art-preview-2021/

The East End Hospice is a truly stellar organization that helps families deal with the experience when a loved one is dying in real time. Not religious, no charge, just amazing kind help.

xo, Casey


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