"Curve Wave" 24 x 48 inches oil/canvas by Casey Chalem Anderson

“Curve Wave” 24 x 48 inches oil/canvas by Casey Chalem Anderson

My Solo Show at The Chequit Hotel on Shelter Island is up through August 14. There are 16 oil paintings throughout the lounge including this one. If you are on Shelter Island, please stop by and have a look. They are open all the time; just walk in and enjoy.

I’m there often and very happy to meet you there; just let me know.  😊 Casey

Snapped Into Presence of Mind

Although the skies were a crystal clear blue, this was no ordinary beach day. Before stepping onto the sand, I could hear the incessant thundering and pounding. Walking toward the expanse of sapphire water, I saw the ferocious crashers eating a 4-5 foot drop out of the shoreline. You could barely navigate sliding down to a base of sand, and then the chance of getting slammed by an incoming boomer was high. I didn’t risk it.

Peak high tide would be in 20 minutes. You can check that with an ocean chart or google it. What you can’t check, and you can’t know until you get there is the waves’ intensity level. Are they coming in over your head? Are they filled with floating debris of old wood and seaweed? Have they eaten away the shoreline underlining the realization that we always live life on the sharp edge of existence?

There is nothing like the ocean to bring us into an unclouded state of presence. That unavoidable keen-edged awareness is part of why I love it so much. I find profound beauty at the beach and so much space to just breathe.

For archival Prints of this painting and others, click here:https://www.artfullywalls.com/art-prints/product/curve-wave-47214


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