“Napeague Harbor” oil on canvas 24in x 36in by Casey Chalem Anderson


A 2nd storm was coming when I was painting this at the Art Barge in Amagansett this Fall. The clouds whirled by. The fog lifted, and you could see deep into the distance. The next moment, the fog descended and all was impenetrable.   When I first started to paint, the green salt grass was obvious.  In the time it took to make this painting the tide rose and all was concealed.

As the fog yet again rolled by obscuring my view, I thought this must be my very own “Brigadoon” in Napeague. “Brigadoon” is 1950’s stage musical and movie about a mythical idyllic Scottish Village that only appears for one day every 100 years.

Napeague Beach is a narrow low lying strip of land between the Atlantic Ocean to the south, and Gardiners Bay to the north. The name “Napeague” comes from the Montaukett Indian language and means “overflowed by the sea”.  Looking at a map you can see just how fragile this land is. As you stand there looking out, time is experienced by the rippling of water, and the movement of clouds.  And yet this place, like the fictional  “Brigadoon”,  truly feels far-off from reality. A version of heaven here on earth.

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