“Search for the Gray Heron Flight” Oil on wood panel 11in x 14in by Casey Chalem Anderson

I was anxious. Leading up to the launch day, I kept asking, well, what do I wear? Seriously, I had to know how to dress for practical reasons but also so I could picture myself out on the water in a kayak. I’ve made a lifetime career out of painting the water with my feet firmly planted on the ground. Bobbing up and down on the water with the possibility of capsizing was what I imagined. Oh, I know how to swim, but it’s early May with a significant chill in the air.

The wetsuit I received last Christmas in anticipation of this moment would be in use. The water shoes and the life preserver too. I was pretty sure I didn’t need the lipstick, but I can’t even drive without something on my lips. After I successfully shimmied and squirmed into the wetsuit, I said, “This feels like Spanx.” My surfer guy looked blankly over his shoulder, “what?” He had no idea what I was talking about.  He was busy keeping everything balanced and seaworthy as we were about to depart. 

We pushed off and glided into the wind. It was glorious. We approached an osprey on her nest over a duck blind. She didn’t seem to mind. Then, snowy egrets were everywhere I looked. The dank brown salt grasses had only a whisper of green haze. The place was about to pop, but it still had the edge of a raw winter. I loved the smell of clean salt air, I loved the sound of the kayak skimming across the water, and I loved the complete change of perspective. I just breathed it all in.  It was as exhilarating as promised, and only my feet got wet.

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Original oil painting on wood panel above is framed and available 650.00

Here’s the link to my seaside prints: beautiful quality and framing (if you like). Please reach out to me so I can help you figure out what will work in your space.


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