“Gravity Surge” 12 in x 12 in oil on wood by Casey Chalem Anderson

Why do we need the ocean? So many of us crave being by the sea but can’t precisely say why. When I look out and stretch my eyes to the horizon, I feel relief. We need the water to remind ourselves of the power and beauty beyond our everyday. It could consume us with its immense power, yet we stand at the shoreline and confront it. Our reward is a moment of calm like no other.

While painting this, I was conscious of another dynamic, the upward motion of the wave against gravity and the inevitable spilling over. We will never control the ocean; we will never tame it, but we can benefit from looking at it and breathing it in.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the show “Magical Places” last weekend. Seeing my paintings interspersed with the abstract landscapes of Beth Barry and Barbara Groot led to some fascinating conversations about how the great outdoors impacts our paintings. Living here on this flat terrain allows me to catch frequent glimpses of the horizon. Every day, I seek it out. A view of the horizon line grounds me and appears in every painting I create.



***If you are in Stony Brook, I am currently showing a group of paintings of flower fields called “Bloom” at the Reboli Art Center through July 10th; for info:  http://rebolicenter.org




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