“Curve Wave” 24 x 48 inches oil/canvas by Casey Chalem Anderson

I watch waves, searching for the standouts that move me to paint them. I have something in common with surfers: they are also looking to take advantage of the perfect wave, timing their entries into the water to catch the larger waves in a set.

Waves often come in sets. You might notice a pattern of several larger waves coming in together, followed by a period of smaller waves or relative calm.

When I watch ocean waves, I find myself mesmerized, searching for patterns. Yet each wave tells its own unique story; they are never quite the same. Subtle nuances vary—the wave’s forceful approach, the rush of the backwash, or the color changes that never quite seem to repeat themselves.  I always see something new.

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”    Jacques Yves Cousteau

I must be under that spell because I never tire of painting them, especially when the force of movement seems to travel in many directions, as in the painting above.  The motion explodes up to the sky, curves over the swell, and recedes backward, leaving those frothy trails of foam called “spume.” (your face makes a disapproving downturned lip movement with the sound, and yet it is so beautiful)

I think I will be captivated forever, Casey

To see prints of my waves, click here: https://www.artfullywalls.com/art-prints?query=Casey%20Chalem%20Anderson 

Hamptons Fine Art Fair


Hamptons Fine Art

When: JULY 11-14, 2024
JULY 12-13: 11AM – 8 PM
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