Sapphire Harmony

“Sapphire Harmony at the Point” 36 x 48 inches oil/canvas

It’s a familiar story in the world of painting. I reach a point where I believe I’ve completed my painting, only to find myself drawn back to the canvas by an irresistible urge for just a few more brushstrokes. And, as always, those few become many. It turns out, I’m not quite done with this one yet.

Every stroke of the brush has a ripple effect across the entire painting, creating a delicate rhythm of colors and forms. True success emerges when every element harmonizes seamlessly, and nothing clamors for undue attention.

At times, I find myself wishing for an unseen muse to gently tap me on the shoulder and whisper, “It’s time to stop.” Yet, in this ongoing journey, I’ve come to realize that every additional touch adds depth to the scene, drawing the viewer deeper into its tranquil beauty.

This painting is part my ongoing series “36 Views of Towd Point” which is an homage to the famous Japanese ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai from the early 19th century. His most celebrated woodblock prints are called “Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji” and the most recognizable image from that series “Under the Wave off Kanagawa”. Look into the distance and you see Mount Fuji, look into the wave and see the fisherman within the perilous wave.


“Under the Wave off Kanagawa”

The holiday season has arrived, and there’s something wonderfully soothing about immersing oneself in a painting to find that inner tranquility to stay grounded. Here’s the link to my Prints in case you find yourself wanting some calm:

Best wishes for peace and joy,


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