NIght Flash

“Night Flash” 24 x 36 inches oil/canvas by Casey Chalem Anderson

Many times, I rush down to the water to catch the sunset. Many times, I’m too late and it has fizzled out to a wispy dud. There are times when I’m too early and I lack the patience or the time to wait for it.

Once in a while when I least expect it I get lucky and hit it just right.  Speeding along toward the water I might first catch a glimpse of lights flipping on in the indigo darkness.  And then in an unexpected nighttime flash the sky swirls with color, and a flare of brilliance soars across the water.

I don’t know why but I’ve noticed that the Autumn and Winter skies are the most brilliant. It is one of the great rewards of living here in the quiet season at the beach. This is a part of my “36 Views Of Towd Point” series of paintings where I’m learning about the history of this seemingly timeless land where the view hardly ever disappoints.

I hope everyone is doing well in the new year and can catch a gorgeous sunset.

Until next time,




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