“Pink Sky, Pink Water” 24 x 36 inches oil on canvas by Casey Chalem Anderson

There was an icy chill to the air so I double wrapped myself in 2 sweaters to walk the beach. For only a few precious moments the air filled with pink. The sky turned fluorescent pink and the water reflected flecks of pink from the sky and melted into a lavender surface. I felt like I was inside a soft, velvety envelope of pink atmosphere. I inhaled pink.

There are some sunsets that are so spectacular that you can’t believe that what you are seeing is real. They make you wonder about the vast universe. What is real after all?

Scientific studies have been made on the effects of color on the emotions. When you are exposed to color your brain waves change altering your mood. Curiously, this affect appears to be more pronounced in women. In my life it was always my Dad who pointed out colors for me to take note of. He showed me what to look for and trained my visual senses from when I was little. Now, living here at the beach where the sky and water put on a color show every day I’m always aware of the colors.

This Memorial Day Weekend is the 37th Annual Members Show at Ashawagh Hall   May 28-31,2021

All Proceeds Go Toward the Maintenance of Ashawagh Hall — Opening Reception Friday 5-7pm

GALLERY HOURS:   Saturday & Sunday from 10 am – 6 pm

Monday from 12 – 4 pm

(I have a small 12″ x 12″ Ocean Wave oil painting for sale in show)

Until then,






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