“Quartz Ocean Wave” original oil on canvas 30 x 40 inches by Casey Chalem Anderson

Here at the ocean it can feel balmy on a gray day. Cloud cover usually warms things up. I can smell that salty scent floating in the air and it sends memories of days that feel just like this one flooding into my head. My mind travels back in time. I could be looking out on the water, in this same spot, and it could be one hundred years ago. I wonder, do you time travel on those humid days that wash over your body?

On a gray day at the ocean the light is often unstable. The sun tries to break through and suddenly where all was monotone, color is revealed.  It is subtle color that is exquisite and refined. I’m reminded of quartz crystal which comes in pale colors of purple (amethyst), yellow (citrine) and green (aventurine) reflecting light like glass.

Somehow, being at the ocean always makes me feel better. I loosen up and see a bigger picture. And sometimes, if I wait a moment or two for the sun to appear, the entire picture changes.