Reel Point, Shelter Island 24 x 24 inches oil on wood by Casey Chalem Anderson

‘Save the Date” to see my show of seascape paintings displayed in the newly renovated historic seaside hotel,The Chequit Inn. The exhibition is in lounge/library overflowing with art books all about the East End and overlooks Dering Harbor. All the paintings are for sale.

Oil paintings of Reel Point and Shell Beach on Shelter Island are included. There are two restaurants on the premises, a bar, a coffee bar, and places to sit by the fire with a drink outdoors. It would be wonderful to see you at the reception and share a glass of wine, so please mark your calendar!



What: Solo show of seascapes
 July 14- August 14, Wine Reception: Saturday, July 22, 4-7 pm
Where: The Chequit Inn, 23 Grand Ave, Shelter Island, NY
More info: Click Here


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