Ocean Flow

“Ocean Flow” 24″ x 60″ oil/canvas by Casey Chalem Anderson

I couldn’t wait a moment longer. When the newly finished wood floors were dry, I removed my shoes at the door and entered in socks only. In a glance, I devoured the entire living room; the place looked fantastic. It was spare, open, soft, and gentle, exactly how I had envisioned it. But when I looked over at the space above the fireplace, I knew what was missing. I had to create the perfect painting for the room, and it had to be a five-foot-wide ocean wave.

I think art sets the tone in a room. It’s a focal point and one of the most vital elements to create the desired mood in a space. A painting gives heart and warmth to a room. It is the ultimate accessory. When a painting of the glorious color of a breaking wave vibrates and the shimmering foam seems to vanish into the sand, the meditative perception of the ocean is recreated right in your living room.

(A selection of my paintings can be viewed in person at Seagreen Designs 68 Jobs Lane Southampton, NY. Or contact me for a Sag Harbor Studio visit to see what is on the easel)






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