“Swept Away” by Casey Chalem Anderson 24″ x 48″ oil on canvas

Here’s the video of me signing. Click here: IMG_6330  (video will download rapidly, and you can see how big this painting is)

I signed it. Does that mean I’ve finished it? Probably not. There is always some little mark that I must add or some color that I must intensify. At the exhibition of Winslow Homer currently at the Met, I learned that five years after Homer sold one of his wave paintings, he went back to the owner, took it off the wall, and painted out the figures on the rocks. I don’t think I would go to that extreme, although I once had to travel into the city with a tube of paint and my brush to add my forgotten signature to a sold painting.

I’ll likely leave this one alone as it has the feeling I wanted. Caught in the movement of the wave, you feel like the ocean could overpower you, and yet you are standing firm on the shoreline.

Current exhibition: “Bloom” through July 10 (I have five paintings in this show in Stonybrook, NY). Info: http://rebolicenter.org/events

For High-Quality Prints of my Paintings, https://www.artfullywalls.com/art-prints?query=casey%20chalem%20anderson or Inquiries about originals, reply to this email.

We need beauty in our lives more than ever, and beautiful art will transform your living space.

Warm regards, Casey

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