“Kathy’s Ocean Wave” 30″ x 48″ oil on canvas by Casey Chalem Anderson

Some artists will never ever take on a commission. For me it is a solemn pact. The person who engages me is putting their trust in my ability to create something that they are going to love. That’s a huge honor for me, an opportunity to reciprocate on a deep level by promising to create something to the very best of my ability. This is trust between 2 humans, very often strangers.

There are very good reasons to commission an artist to create a work. A top reason is that a painting is needed to fit a specific space. The client might really love your work but it has to physically fit. In this case, it is going over the mantle of a fireplace.

But what happens as it did in this case, when my initial idea doesn’t quite match theirs? “I love it but could you make the sky darker like the smaller painting in your studio that was the inspiration?” “Yes, absolutely was my answer” “And can there be a bit more movement in the water? “Yes, absolutely” I thought I had completed the project but here I was going back into the painting, keeping in mind the key requests. She was spot on…..the painting is now stronger than ever.

Artists need parameters to bounce up on. It forces you to dig deep and develop your patience to find new creative solutions. There was no artistic dilemma for me, just more of the puzzle that I was honored to solve.

I loved making this painting! Info about creating a commission here:  https://caseyart.com/commissions/


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