“Fog Ribbons at Towd Point” by Casey Chalem Anderson oil on canvas 24″H x 36″ W

I love a gray misty day by the water when ribbons of fog rise up from the water’s surface and randomly change shape. The land and trees are concealed and then reappear through the haze. It feels like time is suspended. I could easily be standing in this exact place, looking at this very same view 100 years ago. Even in the grayness there are colors to see. I see blues and lavenders and umber. Here the emphasis on the horizontal makes me feel like I’m in a Japanese ink painting. This is quietude and peace.

And then, I looked up and the world had changed. The sun had slipped under the clouds and lit up my view. Flaming out of the quiet gray  was a peach glow. When this happens at the close of the day, I’m reminded that time is passing. As the Earth is turning toward the next day I note that the new is inevitable.

Anyone else love a gray day?

Wishing you beautiful sunsets, and a moment to appreciate the day……


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