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“You should know that during times like these, the work you do as an artist is important for the rest of us. We can’t control the uncontrollable going on all around us, but we can use our visual senses to immerse ourselves in art and suppress the cacophony.”

— Kathleen Camilli, Economist

“I have a fascination with waves and paintings of waves. So much so that I take my small paintings of waves by Casey Chalem Anderson when I move back and forth from NYC to FLORIDA. Somehow Casey just captures when the wave is about to break and just after it does. If I could afford, it I would buy all her wave paintings. ”

— Kathleen Buddenhagen NYC, FLA

“When I think of your painting, I think of a sense of calm and the natural poetry of nature, which you capture and express in its most precious forms. The playful delight of the ocean, the natural shapes, the flora and color, the soft movement. They bring a sense of peace which opens us up, invites creativity, regulates our breathing, and leaves us happier.”

— Anonymous Collector

“Terrific – and refreshing – show! Just standing in front of Casey’s paintings provides a sense of wonderment (at the immense power of nature) as well as a cooling calm.” 

— Heidi Rain Oleszczuk

“Your paintings in the Kramoris Gallery are lovely! The long painting you see when you walk thru the front door was really pretty! Actually, all your paintings at Kramoris were very pretty. Seeing your painting was almost as good as being at the beach!!!” 

— Karen Sperling

“Casey Chalem Anderson has made a career out of painting the ocean waves in different configurations. I think painting the ocean is one of the most difficult things to do, and she does it beautifully.” 

— Dan Rattiner, Dan’s Papers: “60 Summers-Celebrating Six Iconic Decades on the East End”

“I am not a huge art person and have looked for things I love and have not found a ton. When I saw your work it was instant. I absolutely loved it!!”

— Kristen Walker, Collector