"Rolling Wave Atlantic" 18" x 42" oil on canvas by Casey Chalem Anderson

“Rolling Wave Atlantic” 18″ x 42″ oil on canvas by Casey Chalem Anderson

I’ve been seriously pondering this whole beach thing since I moved to the Hamptons 30 years ago. At first, I only thought about it for my own sake. Trying to make sense of why I crave looking at the water and why my car just seems to drive itself down to the sea. But I know others wonder too. Why do we feel such a deep connection?  What is it about the beach that stirs our emotions? What happens to us when we hit the sandy shores and stretch our eyes out to the horizon? It’s like we all enter a whole new dimension.

In my paintings, I try to unravel the mysteries of how we occupy those beach spaces. How on earth does it change us? And why do we adore it with a passion that rivals nothing else? The emotions we feel for the beach are fierce.

It could be the scent of salty air that cleanses and clarifies our thoughts. Or the colors that take on a surreal quality at the beach, blurring the line between reality and imagination. That peach streak next to a lavender puff seems almost otherworldly. 

As we are drawn irresistibly to its beauty and recognize the ocean’s vast depth and mystery, the ocean reminds us that we have to confront our very existence.

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Where: Seagreen Designs, 68 Jobs Lane, Southampton, NY

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