“The Flow Wave” Oil on canvas 48″L x 48″W by Casey Chalem Anderson

Cut, chop, grab the right pan. Taking the least amount of steps as I rush around my kitchen is a little game for me. Flip open the fridge and get the butter, the organic eggs, the cheddar cheese. I was cooking an omelet for my mom, for me a very easy task. My mom’s Tibetan Buddhist aide looked on. We say “tsaka tsikyi” (pronounced saka seeki)- “don’t be in so much hurry”- she said it kindly.

It’s true, my energy was dispersed and scattered-I just wanted to get the job done. I was rushing as usual. Again and again I blast to the next thing in my head. My motor is almost always turbo charged and ready to go. It’s exhausting.

I wrote the expression down on a lavender post it and stuck it on the fridge. I keep returning to think about it.

Now, I understand why we love to look out on the water and why I am so drawn to paint it. When I look out on the ocean and stretch my eyes to the horizon, I let go.

When I look out on the water I’m no longer “tsaka tsikyi”.  Like a clearing static, I tune in at the water’s edge. The very curious thing about the ocean is that it is both calming and energizing. I don’t have to do anything and in just 5 minutes my body and mind slow down to a proper pace.

Open water is the medicine that soothes me and I know I’m not the only one. If you are a beach person, being by the water makes you feel more at ease and ready to face what’s next. It’s why I paint the ocean and why people want to look at paintings of it.

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I finished this painting just 2 days ago so it is available if you have a wall for a 4ft painting. If you have empty walls and would like to see my Seaside Prints on paper click here: https://www.artfullywalls.com/artists/83481/casey-chalem-anderson



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