“Soft Ocean Thunder” 30 x 60 inches oil:canvas

My boyfriend, the surfer, has taught me a lot about the ocean. He has big plans to get me on a surfboard when the weather warms up, and I can wiggle into the wetsuit he got me last Christmas. Have you ever heard someone say, “Any day you can ride a wave before 8:00 am is a fantastic day”? He says it all the time. The ocean makes him so happy.

As a painter of seascapes, it happens to be my love as well, although I’ve always stood firmly on the sand. I look out and primarily use my eyes. Then I learned this, as he drives up to the beach parking lot, he listens. Before he even gets out of the car, he has an idea of what the surf will be like. And if you can hear it, he knows the waves will be smashing hard onto the shore.

I wait to see the waves. It is always a shock to see the rush of foam when three waves converge and the booming force of the entire ocean launches its power toward you. I trust that the sea will stay in place and not attempt to sweep us away while we stand awestruck by the mighty power that is unleashed.

Nothing wakes us up to the present so completely as the ocean. No matter what else is going on in our lives, the ocean’s vastness makes us feel a sense of freedom and new possibilities. There’s something magical and timeless about the ocean. It jolts us out of our everyday lives and makes us feel alive in a way that nothing else can. That’s why I paint seascapes; I try to capture that feeling on canvas.


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