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Pairings: Poetry and Images by the Sea

Pairings: Poems by Susan Baran and Images by Casey Chalem Anderson

Pairings: Poems by Susan Baran and Images by Casey Chalem Anderson


The poet Susan Baran and I finally had the chance to work together to create “Pairings”, a small magazine of coordinated images (drawings and paintings) and poetry we made for the 3rd Annual Zine Fair at Ille Arts in Amagansett.

The fair will be next weekend, Saturday August 19 and Sunday August 20. Hours 11am-6pm

I first became familiar with Susan’s poetry while staying in her apartment in NYC.  There was a copy of her newly published book and I slowed down enough to take it in. I found her turn of words transforming.

Here we present words and images about the natural world here by the sea.

I hope you can stop by the gallery to see all the zines and perhaps get a copy of “Pairings”.

Let me know if you want to see it, I’ll also have a few copies at my studio.

All the best,


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Two Minute Ocean Sketches

Ocean Wave 2 minute Sketches 5.5″ x 8.5″  ink/paper

You might think that by now I would be looking out on the ocean and be almost bored by what I see.  But the sensation is just the opposite. I fall in love again and again.

The ocean is always different and particular. The tumbling waves reflect myself self back to me. In her many moods the ocean is a metaphor our internal life, crystallizing our most private thoughts. We are all ever-changing, slightly different versions of ourselves on any given day with unlimited potential for change.

It isn’t easy to draw something that is moving but it’s fun. You must concentrate on the big movements without being too fussy. I’m happy to share with you.

All the best,


August 26: 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm

East End Hospice Cigar Box Event
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

18 James Lane
East Hampton, NY
Prominent artists from our community use a cigar box to create unique, collectible works of art which will be included in either the silent or the live auction. Please come to this lively casual event.

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Breath of Salt Air “Long Island Salt Marsh” July 18,2017

"Blue and Green Hushed" 30 x 40 oil on canvas by Casey Chalem Anderson

“Blue and Green Hushed” 30 x 40 oil on canvas by Casey Chalem Anderson

This just completed commission of the salt marshes at Landing Lane in East Hampton, New York is a favorite spot of mine.  It is beyond any road noise so all you hear are the sounds of lapping water and a few gulls in the sky. Your eyes can stretch out a great distance over the soft green grasses and see Napeaque Bay.

One time when I was out there with my easel set up looking out on the wide vista something truly amazing happened.  I was intensely painting, moving my brush around the canvas with gusto in an effort to get it all down.  I was deep in a flurry of activity but everything I was looking at was peaceful and quiet.  Just the breezes gently blowing.

All of a sudden, a grey piece of driftwood sitting in the deep green marsh a 100 feet away, rose up and transformed into a huge grey heron.  It flew directly overhead spreading its wings 6 feet in a stunning display.  I took it to be a good omen and felt completely connected to the natural world in a way that a girl from NYC could never have imagined.

Thank you all for coming to see my show “American Realism” with Fairfield Porter and Neil Welliver.  It very successful and thrilling.  In case you missed it and want to see some of my paintings and drawings that are still available, Ille Arts is keeping some pieces on hand.  Sara DeLuca will be happy to show you them.

Ille Arts   171 Main Street  Amagansett, NY   631 905 9894  (a few doors down from Stephen Talkhouse)

Very best,



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Breath of Salt Air “Can the Ocean Be Both Calm and Forceful”? June 27, 2017

"Calm Tumble" 24 x 24 oil/wood

“Calm Tumble” 24″ x 24″ oil/wood

There is something hauntingly calm about this pinkish flat ocean. Then, you feel the pent up energy of the wave coming toward us full and strong.

I love how the foam of a crashing wave can be both translucent and almost solidly opaque. It explodes out of the transparency of the smooth sea.  Oil paint is perfectly suited to express this. Transparent color is brushed on thinly so you can see through to the surface underneath. Next you can load up the brush with thick pigment and drag the white foam downward. Both aspects of water conjured up by the nature of oil paint.

You can have an up close real-life look at this painting at:

Ille Arts 171 Main Street in Amagansett.  Be sure to check out my pen and ink drawings too.


Show is up through July 13 with renowned artists Fairfield Porter and Neil Welliver

All the best,


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Breath of Salt Air “Paintings: My Size” June 6, 2017

"Tidal Pool, North Haven" oil on canvas 48" x 48""Tidal Pool, North Haven" oil on canvas 48" x 48"

“Tidal Pool, North Haven” oil on canvas 48″ x 48″

When you are outdoors and experiencing the landscape, all your senses are involved. At the sea it is the colors you see, the salty smell, the feel of humidity on your skin and the sounds of water that come to your awareness.

Looking at a two dimensional painting you have only your visual sense to rely on.  When the painting is large and you stand close, your peripheral vision is encompassed. You are in the painting space entirely, experiencing colors and shapes most emphatically.

I love to paint on a big canvas where my entire body has to get involved.  When movements I make with the brush are as large as I am, painting becomes a version of dance. When creating a seascape I am completely immersed in a feeling parallel to being outdoors.

The paintings are a reminder to stay connected to the sea where so many of us go to rejuvenate.  At the water we bounce back, perk up and feel like ourselves again.

Please join us for the opening reception of my show: Saturday: JUNE 24  5:00pm-8:00pm


June 24-July14

ILLE ARTS   171 Main Street (middle of town), Amagansett, NY  631- 905- 9894




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Breath of Salt Air “Tidal Pools and Salt Marsh” May 16, 2017

Tidal Pool 48 x 48 oil on canvas 5400

Tidal Pool 48 x 48 oil on canvas

You know Spring is here when the morning light creates a radiant blue across the bay and the inlets.   When the fresh green sea grasses reappear after the long Winter it makes me so happy. It’s hard to believe that such vivid gorgeous color is real, yet there it is.

What an uplifting color combination!

I hope you will join me at the reception of my show where you will see this new painting and others with works by Fairfield Porter and Neil Welliver

Reception: Saturday, June 24 5-8pm

Ille Arts   171 Main Street Amagansett, NY.

Show dates: June 24-July 12

All the best,



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Breath of Salt Air “Ocean Wave an Emerald Surge” May 2, 2017


Casey Chalem Anderson Emerald Surf 30 x 48 oil/canvas

Emerald Surf 30 x 48 oil/canvas

It’s so exciting to see the sparkling vitality of a wave crashing on to the sand as it surges with an explosive burst of upward motion.  The rhythm of the ocean is steady but every wave is a little different from the next one.

I hope you will join me at the opening reception Saturday June 24 6:00-8:00 pm at Ille Arts 171 Main Street in Amagansett, N.Y.   I’ll be showing my Seascapes with the great painters Fairfield Porter and Neil Welliver. Pencil it in, an official invitation will be coming later.

Show runs June 24-July 12

All the best,


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Breath of Salt Air “Beach Sketching” April 18, 2017

Sketch Ocean Road

Sketch Ocean Road Right


Ocean Rd Left

Ocean Road Left

Getting down to the ocean with my sketchpad makes me feel free and easy. I shift from my usual random thoughts to focus only on analyzing what I see and translating it into line.

Sometimes I forget how much I love drawing.  I especially love to quickly capture the rhythm of a place without being too fussy.

Drawing is a meditation, a sprint and a conversation in another language all happening simultaneously.  Through line I get to know just how the grass bends in the breeze.  I can sense the weight of a wave descending as it curls.

Drawing helps me experience the wonder of the natural world.   I let genuine awe sink in and then have a recording (the drawing) to remind me.



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Breath of Salt Air “Ready to Wake-Up and See Color?” March 20, 2017

“Fair and Calm” by Casey Chalem Anderson  12 x 12 oil/wood

This timeless spot represents the essence of all that I love about the Hamptons. The blues are soft yet vivid and the Spring greens are bright with life.

I’ll bet you can’t wait for these days when we can all just relax into a warm breeze and be revived.

Warm regards,


My show of abstracts and seascapes at the John Jermain Library, Sag Harbor’s beautiful new library continues through April 22. Check out the dramatic installation in the modern stairwell and on each of 3 levels!

201 Main Street, Sag Harbor.

Hours: M-W  10:00am-7:00pm, Th 10:00am-9:00pm, F, S 10:00am-5:00pm, Sun 1:00pm-5:00pm

Art Talk: Sunday, April 9 @ 2:00pm

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Breath of Salt Air “Why are we drawn to the Ocean?” March 7, 2017

Triptych Aquamarine Curl 24 x 72 oil on wood -3 panels

Triptych Aquamarine Curl 24 x 72 oil on wood -3 panels

If you are like me, you can’t wait for those warm beach days when an aquamarine wave tumbles in and you can stand with your bare feet in the sand.

In the meantime, we will have to do a bit of day dreaming and recall what it was like last summer. Remembering those incredible colors always lifts my spirits.  Look at a painting of the sea and feel a similar sensation to being there. Imagine just what it smells like, how the wind feels against your skin, and how the sound of a pounding wave resonates through your body.

Please come and see the show listed below. I’ll have both abstract paintings and seascapes throughout Sag Harbor’s newly designed library. The building itself is a gorgeous treasure to discover.

There is an entire world to explore through our library.  You never know what you will find there and it’s all free!

Warmly, Casey

Art Exhibit at John Jermain Library Main Street Sag Harbor

Exhibit: March 12-April 22

Reception: Saturday, March 18, 3:00-5:00pm 

Artist Talk: Sunday, April 9, 2:00pm


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