Abundant and Fleeting 11 x 14 oil:canvas

I’m awestruck whenever I come upon a unexpected flower field. When a garden is planned and planted you will experience flowers close up, intimately.  But a flower field stretches out and sweeps across, your vision takes in the entirety. Your peripheral vision is filled to the brim. The flower field is a sea of color, dotted with dabs of scarlet, olive and jade. We view it like a bird would, skimming and racing across the tops of sticky weeds, skirting the buzzing insects and stretching our eyes into the distance as far as they will take us.

There is ease and freedom as the eye flows across swiftly. There is also an awareness that the flowers are fleeting, they come with an expiration date. There is a real urgency to drink in the beauty before it is gone forever.

If you take it for granted you risk losing what’s important. The field warns you with the message, “every moment that you are aware of is all you’ll ever have”.

All you can do to hold on is to preserve the land, and by doing that, hold space for the flowers to return. Give them the space to bring the thrill of their momentary existence into reality. Take the land for granted even for a moment, and we ruin the picture.

My next show starts today “Coming Home” is with Lynn Mara and Joseph Reboli

July 20- September 26    Reboli Art Center  Stonybrook, New York  (right on the water in the village of Stonybrook)


Enjoy the moment,


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