"Lime Surf" 24 x 48 inches oil/canvas

“Lime Surf” 24 x 48 inches oil/canvas

Did you see any whales swimming by this summer? It is almost eerie.  I mean we know that they are out there but when we see one breaching the surface it is ASTONISHING. This summer they swam so close to the shore it was surprising and wonderful and alarming all at the same time. To think that here I am relaxing in the sunshine sitting on my low slung beach chair when only a few feet away is a massive creature. The ocean may be relatively calm on the surface but what is really going on underneath?

I absolutely love a day like this at the ocean where the blues and greens are so gorgeous. One way to hold on to the moment is to have a painting that captures the uplifting energy and stunning colors that just make you feel so good. There is a sister painting to this one that I have almost completed. I’ll show you all next time. They are for sale if anyone would like to see them in my studio (or in my driveway) just let me know.



Here’s where you can get high quality prints of my paintings with frames if you like : https://www.artfullywalls.com/works?query=casey+chalem+anderson